AI-Powered Consultancy

AI powered Consultancy

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The power of AI does not cease to amaze people in any field of life, and the Consultation industry is also no different. It can help by proving better recommendations to both the candidates and the consultancy. Some techniques with their probable applications are:

Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation -: The technology is useful in advanced filtering and better recommendations.

Forgery Detection-: AI can be deployed for forgery detection too. Once a case happened at my friend’s firm, which was responsible for doing hiring for some companies. Some of the employees started faking the candidates’ documents and modifying his portfolios to increase his chances of selection and thereby increasing their performance to receive extra incentives. But the case was found out with the help of a candidate when he declined to the information provided about him to be true. All this can be easily prevented with the help of AI. AI can be used to detect any forgery in the documents or changes made from the original records.

Multilingual Customer support: The customer support can be made better by the use of advanced Q/A based chatbots which can deal with a large number of customers queries simultaneously, so they perform better during high traffics of requests as compared to human support Also, with the latest advancement in Natural Language Processing, it is now possible to convert a person’s speech from one language into different other languages within seconds. It can be used to expand the support of various other countries and open more doors for opportunities.

Remove Human Bias: The Ai is not designed to be biased towards a particular region, firm, or person. So it can help in promoting equality and rightful selection of candidates and diversity of options for the company.

Infrastructure Development: Various Reinforcement based techniques can be tuned for infrastructural design too. They can be specified according to particular Policies and Reward functions to test the performance of various methods to select the best fit among the given ones like comparing the optimal resources required to check the candidates’ Conceptual Knowledge vs. His interpersonal skills can be decided to use the current company resources optimally.


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