Papers Invited on “Artificial Intelligence in HR” – Consulting Insight March 2020 Edition


Consulting Insight will come up with the next edition in March 2020 with a focus on Human Capital Consulting and a specific topic of AI for HR

Artificial Intelligence impact on HR

Artificial Intelligence is impacting all functions of businesses and Human Resource function is also getting impacted or rather enriched with AI solutions.

Almost all the domains are getting the attention of AI professionals who are developing solutions for HR Sub-systems. It is not just restricted to recruitment but there are many other new sub-systems that can be benefitted by Data and AI.

AI will not only affect the HR practitioners but also the Human Capital Consulting Professionals. The issue invites contributions from both HR Managers and also the Consultants including Technology and Human Resources

Which HR areas may be impacted:

Following areas are expected to have a significant impact and the role of AI in these domains will be deliberated during the conference

  • Organization Design, Manpower Planning & Skill demand Simulation
  • Recruitment & Selection, Background Verification
  • Employee Assimilation & Employee Engagement
  • Learning & Development, Performance Enhancement

HR Skills requirements may also change

However, it may also need skill upliftment of the HR professionals as many jobs will become redundant. So more thoughts and discussions are required for the skill needed in the next decade and how to get them

  • Skill Sets required for Strategic HR Consultants
  • Skills sets required for HR Practitioners
    • Skill Sets which will be redundant in the next 5 years
    • New Skills required
  • How to manage skill upgrade of
    • Existing HR Professionals
    • HR Students – Role of B Schools in upgrading skills

We will also be interested get your papers also on “How HR community has to evolve to manage mixed resources ( Person & Non-persons) it has to handle in the near future”

Send your papers

If you have interest in any of the above areas or any other areas related to HR technology, you can share your views, thoughts, tools, suggestions, etc in the form of paper/article in 1500-2000 words. Also, share your brief profile in 150 words and a high-resolution pic.

Please send your synopsis for the editorial team a mail at


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