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January 2, 2020, New Delhi, India

GCDCP is happy to share the inaugural edition of “Consulting Insight” Magazine for consulting world, a niche publication to engage the consulting community with a platform both in print & Digital Format for experience sharing. 

Global Council for Development of Consulting Professionals (GCDCP), is a platform to facilitate the development of consulting professionals and the exchange of best practices in the consulting industry. This platform will help consultants grow and also help the newcomers in the industry to acquire the latest tools and techniques required to become an effective consultant.

The world keeps evolving and innovations are shaping it for current and future needs. There are changes happening in the Consulting Industry too.  Clients are now looking for more specific problem-based solutions from consultants rather than generic strategic consulting. The nature of support required thus is also moving from large scale general management consulting organizations to specific subject matter expertise based boutique consulting firms. The rise of independent consultants as an alternate option is now available for the clients to explore.

Artificial Intelligence is one of these innovations that unquestionably transform our world and society. Being a knowledge-based industry, the consulting industry will be largely impacted as Artificial Intelligence brings value to the knowledge economy.

This current issue contains a feature story “Evolution of Consulting with the advent of AI” by Mr. T V Ramachandran, President at Broadband India Forum, for sharing deep insights into the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the consulting industry.

The other main stories are AI-Powered RFP Response – Creating the Winning Proposition By Bharti Goyal Maan Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry by Srinivasan Parthiban & Transforming Education Industry – AI as Catalyst By Saumya Behera

And there are many more interesting stories including one from to read in the magazine

We are sure that consulting professionals would like to know more about popular and complex topics related to the consulting industry and we will be happy to bring specific topic based editions in the future, said Ajay Sharma, Editor of the magazine. The next issue of the magazine will focus on “Human Capital Consulting” with specific insights on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR.


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