3 Tips for consultants to adopt Artificial Intelligence – Barry Libert | GCDCP


    Barry Libert, chairman, and co-founder of AI Matters, an AI startup that uses machine learning to automate strategy consulting. Barry is a mentor to CEOs and Chairpersons who want to build AI-first digital platform businesses with the network effect. He co-created the first AI for leaders EdX program; Co-authored 6 books, 20+ ebooks, and 1,500+ articles for the NYT, WSJ, HBR, K@W, MIT’s Sloan Management Review, CIO, and Forbes; Appeared on CNBC, CNN, NPR, Bloomberg TV, and FB Live; Delivered 500+ keynote speeches to 50,000+ people globally. Barry was interviewed by Rajesh Varkhedkar, Business Leader and part of Advisory board of ‘Get Me Experts”, an aggregation platform for the experts across the world. Barry gave his 3 point mantra to consultants to adapt to artificial intelligence. He mentioned that the machine economy will be the next disruption along with the gig economy. This video was produced while GCDCP was working on their conference on Artificial intelligence and its impact on the consulting industry. https://www.gcdcp.org/event/Artificia… You can also see more resources related to AI and consulting at https://www.gcdcp.org/resources


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