How AI will impact the consulting Industry | Jeh Daruvala | Yactraq | Vancouver | GCDCP


    Jeh has 25+ years of entrepreneurial, investment banking, product management and business/systems analysis experience in information technology at startups, Microsoft, T-Mobile, TELUS, Avendus Advisors, Gateway Capital. Before migrating to Canada in 2002, Jeh played a key role in incubating Customer Asset, an India based IT infrastructure services venture that evolved into the $300 million, Firstsource Solutions. While working on Delsys, his first startup, Jeh sold the first-ever ethernet switch in India (Cisco). Jeh has a Masters in Management Studies (Finance) & a Bachelor’s in Engineering (Electronics) from Bombay University. He is also a lifelong manned spaceflight enthusiast and believer in technology innovation as the key driver of corporate and economic growth.

    Jeh shared his thoughts around the Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Consulting Industry, 10th August 2019, New Delhi #aiinconsulting #GCDCP #consulting


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