ArtificiaI Intelligence in Homeland Security | Pankaj Khurana | PwC India | GCDCP


    Pankaj is an industry veteran and a seasoned management professional, having a career spanning over two decades in strategy and business management consulting with proficiency in managing and turning around multiple large scale tech-led transformation driven initiatives. Pankaj was speaking during the conference on Artificial Intelligence & Consulting Industry, held on 10th August 2019… He was interviewed by Rajesh Varkhedkar, Advisor “Get Me Experts”, Pankaj is currently a Partner for Government & Public Sector (G&PS) Consulting at PwC India where he is leading an incredibly bright team of technology and management professionals who are focused on solving the complex problems encountered by society and diverse set of clients. Pankaj plays an instrumental role in providing tech-led strategic consulting to government leadership and reimagining the delivery of many citizen-centric programs through Digital Transformation. He demonstrates rich hands-on experience in the application of emerging technologies and driving the Digital Transformation agenda, thus actively contributing to Digital India also. He has multiple successfully running large programs to his credit. He holds an advanced certification in Digital Transformation from HaaS School of Business, Berkeley. A technology enthusiast, he is also a leading commentator on Digital transformation programs.


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